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This website was created for your reading enjoyment and we have ebook titles available for download, for our registered members. We are using the popular Java midlet and epub formats, to make our mobile ebooks, which most modern mobile telephone devices can read, this is a big advantage as you do not get any dirty ink on your fingers and you have no extra weight, to carry around with you, so you can select your favourite ebook titles and make your own library, which you can then read anywhere, in comfort, and the ebooks are always readily available, to carry on reading, where you left off and this all fits nicely in your pocket. There is of course more useful technical information about our software, inside your membership account.

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Very useful website, Great special deals inside. It is also very easy to use the mobile pdb file format, on my mobile telephone, a truly satisfying way, to read, when you are on the move. I have no problem, recommending this website, to everybody, for everybody will certainly, find an enjoyable read here. No risk, involved here, all for FREE. A Great service and good offer, get it Now !
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Excellent, website. I am absolutely hooked on it. The free membership is a useful way to test, what is on offer, here, I bought the sale ebooks pack, really Massive. It couldn't be easier to use! Great opening special, a true bargain. Well done to the webmaster, behind this great site! Keep up the excellent work! I've recommended you to all of my mates! Hurry and Buy the Big mobile ebooks pack, Now, for you, will not be disappointed, good service, indeed :)


I just wanted to let you know that I can honestly say, that this is by far, the best ebook membership website, I have ever been to, fair deal here and all kept really easy, to use.
Keep up the good work.

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